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Top 6 Reasons To Choose TracFab Over The Competition

Every TracFab is built in the USA and posses high levels of quality and craftsmanship. Each unit undergoes a strict quality control review prior to leaving the assembly facility.

3.) TracFabs are easy to transfer into and out of

5.) Made in the USA with a superior warranty

We offer many different accessories to help you get the best experience possible from your TracFab. Available choices range from LED lights to a multi axis shooting platform.

The TracFab was designed with the outdoorsman in mind. While you never want to completely submerge your TracFab, as you can see, freshwater creeks or streams present no problem when  you are out enjoying nature in a TracFab.

TracFabs feature heavy duty components. The frames are made from heavy gauge steel or stainless steel (which our competition doesn't even offer.) Being built with almost all USA sourced components makes a TracFab not only a fine piece of equipment but also an heirloom that will last for many years to come.

TracFabs were literally designed "from the ground, up." We were sure to keep every heavy component as low as possible. The motors, batteries, and steel frame present the majority of the mass. Mounting them low gives the TracFab a confident ride over most any terrain without the feeling of tipping over.

The track drive cog is low and unobtrusive. Armrests easily flip straight up (parallel with the seatback) to enable users to transfer in and out with ease.

TracFabs come in two distinct models. Our standard 36 inch model and our tactile 30 inch model which is able to penetrate even the narrowest of spaces.

4.) TracFabs are very rugged

Multiple Models

6.) Only van accessible tracked wheelchair

The seating on a TracFab is incredibly comfortable and looks great too. Our clients can choose from multiple seat colors. This seating is made from a high quality vinyl and holds up very well to the elements during use outdoors. TracFabs can also be custom built with any medical seating and positioning. 

All TracFab seating has the ability to recline to an almost flat position. This can help when going into tight spaces or inside a van.​​

Every new TracFab includes the following coverage:

3 year manufacturer warranty on the batteries

1 year bumper to bumper on everything else

Every new TracFab, that is built in our manufacturing plant in western Pennsylvania, undergoes extensive testing and quality control checks before it is ever released to the customer. Our goal is complete perfection.

We have a strategic network of authorized service personnel should the need for maintenance or service arise. Rest assured knowing that we have you covered.

Every TracFab features an "on the fly" adjustable seat suspension. Once adjusted to the users body weight, the suspension will dampen some of the unavoidable vibration that is created by driving a tracked vehicle on hard surfaces such as concrete of asphalt. Once the user reaches offroad mud, sand, snow and gravel, the TracFab ride is as smooth as butter and nearly silent.

You won't find adjustable seating suspension on any of our competition. That feature is unique to TracFab thanks to our Patent Pending design.

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1.) TracFab has amazingly comfortable seating


The TracFab 30" wide model enables users to say goodbye to pulling a trailer to haul their outdoor wheelchair. Our "all access" 30" will go through standard doorways and into almost all accessible vehicles with ease. 

TracFab is the only tracked wheelchair company that produces a model 30" wide allowing this unprecedented access to some of the most narrow spaces once thought unreachable.

This is just one of many reasons why TracFab is unique among all other off road wheelchairs.

2.) Only TracFab has adjustable seat suspension