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  • Does insurance cover the cost of a TracFab?
    Unfortunately, not at this time. Insurance companies will only cover power wheelchairs that operate inside the home only. They currently consider a TracFab a "luxury" item. We feel that a TracFab is a necessity for anyone wanting to experience the freedom of independent mobility.
  • How can I get a TracFab for myself or a loved one?
    We sell directly to the general public. Call us at (717) 862-8722 or checkout through this website to place an order.
  • How long has TracFab been in business?
    The company started in March of 2013. The first TracFab ever was produced for the two owners' Grandmother Marian Kennedy. Click the video below to watch the company history video.
  • What is the difference between the 36” and the 30” model?
    Typically, we suggest that the 30” model is for the user who is dependent on the chair in their day to day activities. It is our most accessible model, as it fits into most standard doorways and into most wheelchair accessible vans for easy hauling. The traditional 36” TracFab is the size that started it all. The big brother to the 30" TracFab, choose this size to get the biggest machine for your budget. This variation now comes in electric and gasoline powered versions.
  • I want to personalize my new TracFab unit, do you offer accessories?"
    Absolutely! We have a variety of accessories to purchase that will allow you to customize your TracFab to make it fit your personality perfectly. Check out the accessories page!
  • Are TracFab electric tracked wheelchairs chain-drive or direct-drive?
    Chain drive allows us to adjust the gear ratios and settings based on the weight load. A chain drive system also allows us to configure your TracFab to operate in the most efficient power range which will keep your system running cooler, longer. This will afford you the best possible range per charge on our electric TracFabs.
  • What kind of batteries do you use?
    We use Northstar brand AGM batteries. They are made in the USA and guaranteed for a full 3 years. (2) 12 volt AGM batteries in a 24 volt series configuration provides the power to all TracFab electric tracked wheelchairs.
  • What is the range of each TracFab?
    The TracFab Gas 36" has a standard 5-gallon tank and will travel well over 35 miles before needing refueling. Also if you plan on a longer than usual trip, you can add additional fuel containers to increase your range incredibly. The TracFab Electric 30" or 36" will average between 7-9* miles depending on weight of the user, terrain, incline travelled, ambient temperature, etc. This distance limit typically will last all day, if used intermittently in a hunting, fishing or sightseeing situation at the beach. The referenced distances are based on continuous non-stop use until the unit is depleted. * Range stated is an estimate and is dependent on many factors such as terrain, user's weight, elevation, ambient temperature, etc.
  • What is the speed of a TracFab?
    The TracFab Gas travels at a max speed of 5-6 mph (9.66 kph) The TracFab Electric travels at a max speed of 3-4 mph (6.44 kph) Remember these machines are not built for speed. They are incredibly powerful with an abundance of torque. The speed of each variation is plenty quick enough to keep up with friends and family when at a brisk walking pace.
  • Do you offer a 30" TracFab Gas?"
    We purposefully do not build a unit narrower than 36" on the gas powered units. This is to avoid users taking them indoors and putting themselves or others at risk due to the gasses and emissions associated with a gasoline powered machine. If you are looking for narrow, check out the 30" TracFab Electric!
  • What is the maximum weight limit on each machine?
    The weight limit on all standard models is 350 lbs. We do offer "heavy duty" versions of every unit but those are quoted on a case by case basis to accurately access the clients needs.
  • Will a TracFab climb steps?
    This is a difficult question to answer. Some steps have very deep treads with very little rise. In those instances, the TracFab may climb with no issues. Conversely, other steps have shallow treads with excessive rises and those would be unsafe to climb with a TracFab. In every instance of using a TracFab, it is recommended that the user exercise their best judgement given the conditions and situation.
  • How steep of a grade can a TracFab handle?
    TracFab can climb hills and grades that some folks would not feel comfortable walking up. We never quote a specific degree of slope as in every instance of using a TracFab, it is recommended that the user exercise their best judgement given the conditions and situation.
  • I am not close to Pennsylvania, how is service handled?"
    We designed our products to be very easy to service. When the time comes that you need service and support, we have a nationwide network of wheelchair specialists who can easily provide you with the service that you need. All you need to do is provide access to the unit to be serviced. We will provide telephone & video conference support to our field technician. We will ship any needed parts to make the repairs or perform the necessary service. Once the unit is repaired, we pay the technician directly and you are good to go. We have used this method of nationwide service coverage for several years now with great success.

Frequently Asked Questions

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