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TracFab All Terrain Wheelchair

The 36" TracFab Electric is the perfect solution for smooth and quiet personal off-road mobility. This is the bigger brother to the 30" TracFab Electric and this was the original size that started it all. The 36" TracFab Electric will give you the most machine for your budget. This design was setup purposfully to have all of the heavy components as low as possible (batteries, motors, and the welded steel frame.) This gives the user a feeling of great stability even over the tougest of terrains. When folks first see a TracFab in person, they almost always comment on how well built and attractive it appears. Once they try it out they comment on the extreme comfort of the seating, controls, and instant level of user confidence!


Weight: 485 Pounds

Overall Width: 36 Inches

Overall Length: 58 Inches

Overall Height: 57 Inches

Seat Height From Ground: 27.5 Inches

Length of Track Contact to Ground: 22 Inches

Width of Each Track: 6.5 Inches

Ground Clearance: 4 Inches

Turning Radius: Zero Degree

User Weight Limit: 350 Pounds (Heavy Duty Model Available)

Drivetrain: Dual 24 Volt Gearmotors

Battery: Dual Group 31 AGM

Electronics: Dynamic Controls

Standard Seating: Corbeau

Optional Seating: Unlimited Rehab Medical Seating Available


Please visit our specs and 30" TracFab Electric product pages to learn more about this model. 

36" TracFab Electric

Seat Color
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